River City PT Cruisers is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting PT Cruisers in Manitoba. We would like to offer interested PT Cruiser owners throughout Manitoba the opportunity to get together to have fun and share in the knowledge and experiences of other PT Cruiser owners.

Formed in August of 2001 to promote PT Cruisers in Manitoba, 'River City Cruisers' began with our two founding members, Dave Douglas & Vincent Proteau, and is presently at 30 members and growing.

Along with providing a means of sharing a wealth of resourceful information on the PT Cruiser, River City Cruiser club members at various Show 'n Shine events held throughout Manitoba. The club is also a great way of meeting other PT Cruiser owners interested in attending Show 'n Shine events.

During the off-season, meetings are scheduled on the 3rd Sunday of every month to discuss plans for the club's next season's events.

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