It's the end of an era for us.


       It has been a fun 20 year ride for us, but sadly the River City PT Cruiser Car Club is coming to an end. During our time we attended many Car Shows throughout Manitoba and the United States, with our members winning many prizes along the way. We have met many new friends because of this little car both in “real life” and the “virtual life” with many FaceBook groups and web sites dedicated to the PT Cruiser. We have become part of a family that has members from around the world.

       Formed in August of 2001 to promote PT Cruisers in Manitoba, 'River City Cruisers' began with our two founding members, Dave Douglas & Vincent Proteau. From the first two members, the club has grown over the years to about 50 members. We were known to arrive at car shows and leave together like 'Ducks in a Row'.

    Several years ago we welcomed other cars besides PT's into our club. Unfortunately, even this didn’t help and over the last few years we have started losing members. Our cars are getting older, and since the PT Cruiser ceased production in 2010, keeping them in “car show” condition is getting harder as parts get scarce.

    We would like to thank all our sponsors who have donated items to us over the years to help us raise money. And also all the members who are, or were, part of our 20 year journey. Many of us will still continue our love for cars and be part of the Winnipeg car scene for many years to come, some with other cars. Our PTs will continue to show up at car shows as long as they can remain in “show car” condition.

   Thank you everyone for your support and hard work in running the RCC Car Club for all these years. Our web site will be here until the end of April when it expires.